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Willow Springs Camp is an environment where everyone can grow. We invest in people first, creating a culture that is focused on Faith, Safety, Excellence and Fun. More than a summer camp, we are a mission that seeks to see people become mature, develop confidence, build friendships, and live a vibrant and joyful life!

At Willow Springs Camp, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that his love and purpose is for everyone, and that children and youth in particular, need to hear this message of hope. Our team members are passionate to share and guide campers and guests along this faith journey. We are not mandated by profits, programs, or personnel, but rather by God’s purposes for us.

Willow Springs Camp is committed to safety in every area, from the games we play to the buildings we use. We believe that, in order for people to thrive, they must first feel safe, and we accomplish this through meticulous testing, adherence to building codes, implementation of risk management systems, and a constant eye on the finer details of our ministry and resources. This safety is not limited to physical dangers either! We ensure that the mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of our campers and guests are attended to as well.

At Willow Springs Camp, our emphasis on excellence is apparent. The moment you step onto the campgrounds, you can see the care and effort that has been put into maintaining and elevating the property and resources God has entrusted us with. Our team of well trained staff have each committed to creating a positive and inclusive experience for every guest.

Willow Springs Camp is a fun place to be! By staying rooted in our faith, establishing ourselves in safety, and spreading our influence in excellence, we believe the natural blossom is delight and intrigue. Each camper and guest will have unique opportunities to develop friendships, play games, learn new skills, enjoy participation, and be edified. Fun is not an add on or afterthought, but the culmination of all other efforts.

Willow Springs Camp is a place to grow close to God, close to home.